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There are numerous cemeteries in HAWAII, however, I represent the VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES. These pictures illustrate the serenity of the memorial park. It is located at 47-200 Kahekili Highway, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744, fronting Koolau Shopping Center.

The VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES, consists of appproximately 200 acres, which more than 55% are developed.  The park was  dedicated in March 3, 1963. The first burial was in June of 1963. The pet cemetery was dedicated in 1975. The Valley    of The Temples is comprised of Maui Memorial Park in Maui, Homelani Cemetery and Kona Cemetery at the Big Isalnd, and Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery  at Kaneohe, Hawaii.


The Byodo-in Temple, lies at the heart of the memorial park.  Byodo-in is a replica of a 900 year old Buddhist temple located in Uji,  Japan, in the Kyoto area. The temple, garden and related structures, Bon-sho meaning sacred bell, towering BUDDHA more than 18 feet  and carved in wood.  (See more stories in the page)

The Valley of The Temples is not only a cemeteries but also mortuaries, like Ordeinsteins Hawaiian Memorial Park Mortuary at Kaneohe, Hawaii, Williams Funeral Services at Honolulu, Hawaii, Diamond Head Mortuary at Honolulu, Hawaii, and Nakamura Mortuary at Wailuku, Maui.



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Other Related cemetries in Hawaii; Mililani Cemetery and Mortuary, Nuuanu Cemetry and Mortuary, Etc.

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